Monday, December 15, 2014

A Peekaboo from the Dungeon

I log onto Blogger and to my blissful surprise I see that I haven't lost too many of my followers. Not that I have 'too many'. A little thank you to my 18 followers for sticking with me through the whole time I was mute because I didn't have anything of substance or anything that could qualify to go through that formal button "Publish" that we bloggers are all too familiar with. 

As always, I don't have anything that I hope to call juicy and citrusy to put on my post. But does that mean I stop posting altogether? No. That's one thing cleared. 
I try my best to stop myself from turning this blog into a diary of a damsel in distress (NOTE: last time I checked, which is 5 minutes ago; according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, damsel also means "girl" and NOT necessarily an "unmarried woman"). This is the last thing I want to do. Except, I find myself at first talking about how beautiful everything is and that we should all be really optimistic about life and as I go on, you might find me edging towards people who don't live graciously and then finally I'd end my whole post with one of my OWN petty scenes in my life that has probably happened a century ago and over which I am still sulking, and then I'd just wave (an imaginary) good bye and say adios amigos! (also imaginary) and then I'd log off. 

The only thing is, wait for it (especially for the new comers who have happened upon my blog) I have DELETED all my previous posts because after probably four years when I MYSELF happened upon my blog, all I could do was some thing like this:

This is me thinking the inevitable thought "How could I be so stupid?"

And this thing that we truely hate from the bottoms of our hearts, called 'Doubt" crept into my mind and I was like this:

But then my hopeful, child of a brain went something like this:

So then I was happy again. :) 
And this is why you can see just this one crappy post. Other than the one that goes something senseless like this: "Chocolate cake is better than Cinderella." 
If, by any chance you think you are patient enough to handle more nincompoopi-ness then please make your way to that 'other' sorry post. Don't say I didn't warn you.

 And IF by ANY chance (which is probably point zero zero zero zero times infinity in a gazillion) you Like that post, then this is me to you:

Attention all daughters!

And their families, near and far. I implore you to read the following piece so that you may all be better at forming beautiful relationships...