Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Google is the CUTEST!

This is the (unmanned) Cassini spacecraft sent to space to snap some pics of Saturn. ^_^

Cassini Spacecraft Dives Between Saturn and its Rings!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Medschool Experiences

Title: No Strings Locks Attached

This post is going to have extensions. (Inshallah)

This post is going to consist of all the things that I am experiencing in medschool. 

Let me start off with how incredibly blessed I am to be able to study and learn all the absolutely fecking amazing things about our bodies in all aspects. I cannot thank my Lord enough. He is the GREATEST. 

EKH! *slams fist on the desk and scolds herself: "What did I tell you about keeping things between you and your Lord private and not infiltrating your posts online with cliched verses of how grateful you are to your Lord. Save it for the five times prayers, the nafils, the tahajjud and the quiet times of the night and whenever possible. Just please spare your invisible audience the pain of reading your pathetic rants about how grateful you are to your Lord. Not cool!"*

Oh wow, that was uncalled for.


Today I had to hurry to the bathroom to relieve my poor aching bladder, and when I entered the "heaven". Well, it wasn't exactly heaven. I zipped past the stalls throwing a quick glance through the partially open broken wooden doors of the stalls and rejecting all those that had the Indian Toilet. Thank you sweet Lord, for the last stall had the American one, I stepped into it gingerly for it was supremely disgusting. Careful not to touch anything moist or mouldy or... brown, and after having inspected it and assuring myself that yes it was usable, i turned around to lock the door and viola! 
No freakin' lock! The door had no lock! D:
Oh Brother 
As soon as the painful discovery was made, my bladder contorted and I was forced into using the hell now that it was. No scratch that. It was still heaven because dude I was getting the relief that I SO desperately needed. 
No, I cannot tell you how I managed to keep the door closed while simultaneously take the wee.
I am itching to write a strongly worded letter to the management of the university that harboured the disgusting bathroom but i am afraid i am going to get killed for speaking up. at least this is one such medium through which I can voice some of the adventures i have.
          I am stopping here now and will update more of my silly adventures here later. Adios!

Attention all daughters!

And their families, near and far. I implore you to read the following piece so that you may all be better at forming beautiful relationships...