Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chocolate Cake is better than Cinderella

The human being turns into a wobbly jelly when encountered with a huge sparkly diamond or a P.H.A.T (pretty hot and tempting) girl living opposite to his apartment. There is nothing wrong in it. Its completely natural. What we poor hapless human beings fail to understand is beauty never stays. It diminishes and then disappears into a puff of nothingness. Everything comes to its end and usually that end is pretty depressing and ugly no matter how pretty that thing is.

That’s why, I love chocolate cake, its beautiful and tasty from within and black-skinned and cheese-holed at the surface. But, I am impressed with the satisfaction it provides, that heavenly taste of melted chocolate oozing from the sandwiched layer of choco. Yumm!

I love puppies and kittens and friendly parrots but nobody, nobody can take me down by them if a Black Forest cake is sitting in front of me, uneaten. The puppies and kittens and the friendly parrots will have to wait.

If I were a boy, I wouldn’t have fallen for a girl who is beautiful with rosy cheeks and milky-white skin. Oh no. I would have fallen in deep, deep love with the chocolate cake in front of me. But what happens if that chocolate cake ISN’T in front of me. That presents me with a tad problem, doesn’t it? The girl is right before me, flapping her extraordinarily long eyelashes at me. What to do? Simple, I’ll grab my pocket money from my jeans pocket and I’ll be off to Hobnobs!

Keep it simple, silly… =)


  1. hehe! so true! great piece of writing. i would have dn d same! thanks to hobnobs n plces like sweet treats ;)

  2. wat a piece!!!!totally dumbfounded with the end!!btw its almas :p


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