Friday, December 9, 2016

The String Theory

Sometimes in the shower, I think about the universe.

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I think about it when I am close to sleep or when I am on my way to some place where there are unlikable people. From all of the ‘Einstein’ thinking, I have derived this theory. I call it The String Theory. I had been meaning to pen this “theory” down for quite some time. It follows:

That, people are attached to the universe by strings. Strings have the unique ability to vibrate when they are held taut and are plucked roughly anywhere in the middle (or not necessarily in the middle, just basically anywhere).

Now that I am assuming that we have strings attached, we also produce vibrations when something plucks them. By that something I mean is a life event, or a simple moment or something as simple as a gesture. Now that we know our strings have vibrations; is that where the term, the idea of ‘vibes’ comes from? Words like, ‘I get negative vibes from that person’, or ‘he or she emits positive vibes’, or ‘our frequencies match/don’t match’ and anyone who has some idea about vibrations knows that frequency is a word that usually is associated with studies related to vibrations.

I also think that our strings are not just connected to the universe, but are also attached to each and every person there is on the planet. And that these strings are more strongly connected to the people who are closer to you, like your loved ones.

So if there is anything that you want in life, pluck your strings with your positive thoughts, happy music, spontaneous dancing, meditation and shit, creating positive vibrations and surrounding yourself with these, and then sailing on in that stormy sea of life like the vociferous, sassy sailor you are!

I know, easier said than done but… try?

Now I'll just come outta my bathroom.

Attention all daughters!

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