Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Fried Neurones


I live in a college (yes, live. Half of my life is supposed to be lived in that dreary, enclosure called college owing to the exhausting long hours that are compulsory to be attended by us medstuds) that is affiliated with a ubiquitous university of the city. Which means that our college does not have a mind of its own and that its the university that controls all its actions and the college is just supposed to comply to its wishes and get on with it. Any word from the university is like writing on the rock.

On this fateful day today, I intend to unload the brunt of my frustrations over the fact that why on earth can't this "university" get it's s*** together?(!!!!!!) I know, I know, I know, I shouldn't be judging and the sorts because its probably enmeshed and all tangled in a gooey, slimy, grimy mess of its own which most probably resulted because the people holding the administrative offices there got involved in a s***load of sticky trouble. But WHY???? You are a university for God's sake! Delaying exam dates, keeping students in a limbo, getting them worked up and crazy over when the exact date of their annual exams will be announced has earned you people the height of irresponsibility tantamount to the height of the Burj Al-Khalifa! 

In case you (addressed to the university) didn't realise, this is an ordeal for us students. It makes us hate you and curse you a thousand times over in our heads. Students after guessing at the dates ultimately give up the guessing game, saying: "Hello, this is the university. Anything can be expected from it. Don't even bother wasting time on it."

My point is, this is a challenging profession; challenging, in that it challenges you at practically all levels: it challenges you on your perseverance, discipline, hard work, intelligence, manners, EQ, IQ, time management, efficiency, emotions, patience, et al. In a nutshell, it challenges your life. Studying and waiting for final exams whose dates have not been specified sends us students in an emotional turmoil. We are constantly in a state of persistent stress and anxiety. Even when we are out enjoying a dinner with our families, et cetra, there is ALWAYS this nagging, compulsion that the exam date could be either very near or far at the end of the present month. This state of uncertainty is excruciating and painful for us to function. There are bags under the dull eyes, our faces are drawn, irritability dominates our character. One day that goes without studying plunges us in an ocean of self-loathing and feelings of inadequacy and guilt. And we all know that two of the worst, most deleterious feelings that humans can experince are guilt and regret.

I have come to realise that this is something the administration/examination department lends a 'care to hoots' attitude, when in fact it is the peace of a student's mind that is needed in order for him or her to study well and become a better doctor, one who is pleasant in mannerisms and quick to treat. Do you really think that keeping students in such a state of apprehension will yield successful doctors for the people of our country? 

No. All you will ever get is a long line of disgruntled, obese, rattled doctors. Already, the studies of this profession is challengeing enough, do you really think it is fair to medical studnents to keep them in a constant state of ambiguity as regards to their dates of FINAL exams, and suddenly unleashing a date upon them and expecting them to turn out with the best results? Preposterous! 


('^Something like this would be happening in the near future: clueless doctors who had no time to relax after their exams and were suspended in a continuous state of either waiting for their exams' dates to be announced or for their results to be revealed. Fried neurones is what they have in their brains now. Their thinking processes all but compromised in the long run.")

As you saw earlier, my post begins with a rather unexpected excalamation. In case you forgot, it is us medical students who happen to be human too, who want to break away from the monotony of rigorous studying for some time, who like to unwind themselves through creative outlets (in my case, its painting.) 

Just remember, it is the healthy mind that paves way for success. And in case of the doctors-in-making, it is you who will at some point in life be coming and demanding the services of a doctor and it just so happens that oftentimes, it is the doctor that is the only thing standing between you and your grave.

Attention all daughters!

And their families, near and far. I implore you to read the following piece so that you may all be better at forming beautiful relationships...