Thursday, January 12, 2017

Wild Rapping

I want to start my day pretty
Getting off that bed
Putting on a jacket so rad
People go oooooo
I go shooooo
Got my attitude on
Like cheapster in the dumpyard
Going crazy with stuffed bears
In this world not one freakin' care
Got rings on my fingers
Got my ny-kee snickers
I gotta start my day pretty


(Oh God, what madness is this?^)

Image result for mother of troll

oh my God, I opened up my blog to see this colourful post staring back at me and I thought: "God, was I drunk when I wrote this? Like what the fresh cruk is this?" But I like it. And, may be I should let it stay here and allow it to mess up with my non-existent audience. :3

Attention all daughters!

And their families, near and far. I implore you to read the following piece so that you may all be better at forming beautiful relationships...