Friday, July 10, 2015

Lights Out!

Today is the 20th of Ramzan. And my city is facing some major power breakdown. Its hot and humid. Our UPS is using its whatever remaining charges (read: breaths) to power our place. There is a little pain behind my eyes and I need to sleep a littlle. The power outage has brought some people out of their homes to stand in their balconies. Its like somebody has smoked us out of our houses.
At least, it has caused us to come out and breathe. We are watching the sunrise of 20th Ramzan (aka 8th July, Wednesday).

We have slid our loose mattresses out into our thankfully airy balconey to snooze a bit under the blue sky. I can see its a bit cloudy up there. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. :P

The good part about the outage is that I got to recite Durood a 100 times, which I had been meaning to do since this Islamic month began. I am glad I have done it. (Er, thanks to this lights-out?) 
And my cousin is hunched over her Quran text lit up in her mobile screen and is reciting it in a nice little melodious voice. She has been reciting for more than an hour now. 
The bad part is ofcourse, its hot. But thankfully, its not as hot as the heatwave that hit the cities a few days ago. That was something. So many people collapsed as a result of the heatstroke. It was aweful. I hear in my city alone, death toll reached a whopping 850! Call it the incompetency of the government,  the sick, corrupt minds of our people, or just Nature's way of ensuring the balance of things in this world. 

This morning air feels so fresh. Its sweet and soft in my lungs. 

Ouch! *smack!* you guessed it: mosquitoes! Sigh... -_-'

Its lights-out for 6 hours now, and counting.
I really hope they fix it up soon. I really do want to rest my eyes a little. 

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