Wednesday, October 21, 2015

That Freakin' Exam Time

This is me right now: 

I approached my books. They sat quietly in the far corner of my table. Their silence mocked me, teased me and turned my legs into jelly. The silence was turning ominous by the minute, until I could not take it anymore. It took all of my energy to turn myself away from those books, all the while feeling their "eyes" piercing through my back, prodding and then burning tiny holes as punishment for my abandoning them like that. 

"I can't..." Was the only "explanation" I could manage at that point before running towards the distractions the idiotbox had to offer. I launched myself in the couch, struggled with the remote control and hastily turned on the tele. I sat there, disconcerted, switching between channels and finding it difficult to settle on a particular choice. I tried to absorb myself in all the chattering and bantering blaring from the tv, but this nutty heart felt as though it was being tugged by an invisible hook. The invisible hook tied to a thread of the purest form of gold that had shot from the books stacked on my table against the wall. 

"Do you really want to run away from them...?" 
I jumped. 'Who said that?' I thought. My eyes darting around. "Its your conscience, my dear (read: stupid) who else?"
I sighed and shook my head sadly. 'Not you again.
'Listen, Ms. Know-it-all! You know very well why I am doing this. I cant face all of that syllabi. How do you think I am supposed to complete that much of text in such a short period of time?!'

But my conscience was all mysterious: "Look within yourself to know the answer to that question." 

And I couldn't deny it. The answer is indeed within me. If I look for it. And it wasn't like I had any other choice. Because every single day at college, someone would ask me how my exam prep was going and I'd just be like:


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